• Children's book | Little People * Big Dreams "Ada Lovelace"
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Children's book | Little People * Big Dreams "Ada Lovelace"

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Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara | Zafouko Yamamoto 


Ada was alone a lot when she was little. Mostly she played with her favorite cat, Mrs. Puff, and dreamed of machines that can fly. During a long illness, she spent a lot of time in bed studying numbers. When she later met a mathematician who built a miraculous adding machine, she invented code that told the machine what to do. And today this code is the basis of our computer language!

Little People, BIG DREAMS tells of the impressive life stories of great people: Each of these personalities, whether a painter, dancer or civil rights activist, has achieved the unimaginable. It all started when they were little: with big dreams.

Size: 32 pages, half linen