Dear friends and visitors of Little Boar, 

we are Stefanie and Eva, mothers of two boys each, who keep us on our toes. We live with our families on the outskirts of Berlin and try to master our everyday family life with a lot of fun, chaos and joy. You probably all know that! 😉

It has always been a dream to develop products for children that are cute and stylish on the one hand, but also of high quality and harmless. The skin of children and especially babies is so delicate that only the best, most natural substances should come into contact with it.

That is why we have developed our own children's clothing collection in Portugal, which is made from 100% organic cotton. It is designed in a simple and timeless way, so that the pieces can be combined with any other piece of clothing and can be worn all year round.

It is important for us to make a statement in these times, for the environment and for the future of our children. We won't be launching new collections all the time. We would like you to invest in quality, which can then also be served by siblings or children of your friends.

In addition to our "Cozywear", we will gradually develop other products such as dishes, bed linen, swaddles, etc., all of which have one thing in common: our Little Boar Marli!

When looking for a name for our label, which was important to us because it represents a connection to nature and to our homeland Berlin, we immediately thought of wild boars that we encounter here in the Berlin and Brandenburg forests. But to stay with the topic sweet & cute, it became the newbie: Our Little Boar.

Everything will revolve around this sweet little explorer, he will be featured on all of our self-designed products. One time it will peel out of a pocket, another time it will be a bit more hidden on the back of a pair of trousers. Be curious & get your own picture 😊

Stefanie, Eva and Marli wish you a lot of fun in our shop.

PS: If you want to know how Marli got his name and what is behind it, follow us on our social media channels, where you will gradually learn more about us.