• Children's book | Suddenly there was a hunch

Children's book | Suddenly there was a hunch

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Ida is poor. Your parents brought in a hunch. And this hump spits. It is terribly bald. And roars day and night. In short: The Wuckel has established itself and everything revolves around the new family member. But then Ida realizes that a hunch is good for something. You can put the blame on him pretty well. A mud party in the kitchen? That was it! And the water color on the wall? Something like that only occurs to a Wuckel. So it's your own fault if you buy something like that. Or is a Wuckel not such a bad thing after all?
A charming picture book about the big changes in small children's lives and how to deal with a new sibling.

Uticha Marmon, Anne-Kathrin Behl

Hardcover, ages 3+

Size: 32 pages, 22 x 28.5 cm