• Children's book | What you can't do!
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Children's book | What you can't do!

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Davina Bell 


Making bats, reading the clock, building boats, painting, riding a kite, comforting others, patting the ukulele, looking for treasure, approaching others, asking questions, dancing, daydreaming - there are much more important things in a child's life than ›better - faster - further 'than schoolwork and tests, namely imagination and cultivation of the heart and lots of joie de vivre. Davina Bell and Allison Colpoys rush with the readers in witty rhymes and gaudy, cheerful pictures through everything that children incidentally enjoy and shine every day. And show that everyone is good at something different, because everyone is unique.

This vibrant, colorful book celebrates all the things that make each child unique and valuable - and that's more than good grades, sitting still, and being good. 

Size: 32 pages, bound