• Children's book | Little People * Big Dreams "Pelé"
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Children's book | Little People * Big Dreams "Pelé"

Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara | Camila Rose 


Little Pelé loved to play football on the streets of Brazil. Because he couldn't afford soccer, he made one himself out of a sock and newspaper. One day he promised his father that he would win the World Cup for Brazil. And he did, when he was only 17 years old! Pelé became the greatest footballer of all time, he scored more than 1,000 goals, played with all his physical strength and was committed to helping disadvantaged children.

Little people, big dreams tells of the impressive life stories of great people: Each of these personalities, whether a painter, dancer or civil rights activist, has achieved the unimaginable. It all started when they were little: with big dreams.

Size: 32 pages, half linen 

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