• Children's book | Little People * Big Dreams "Harriet Tubman"
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Children's book | Little People * Big Dreams "Harriet Tubman"

Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara | Pili Aguado


Harriet was born a slave on a plantation in the southern United States, her life was hard and bitter. Every evening she dreamed of being free. One day, the brave Harriet actually managed to flee to the north, where slavery was forbidden. She helped hundreds of slaves to freedom and fought tirelessly for equal rights and better living conditions. To this day she is a role model for strength, courage and hope.

Little people, big dreams tells of the impressive life stories of great people: Each of these personalities, whether a painter, dancer or civil rights activist, has achieved the unimaginable. It all started when they were little: with big dreams.

Size: 32 pages, half linen 

  • €13,95