A world of partying and playing

Our lovingly manufactured product family is our passion because it pursues one goal: to preserve the miracle of childhood for a whole life.

To celebrate . . .

We make things for magical celebrations: a children's birthday, an anniversary, an Easter egg hunt, a perfect Christmas. If you're planning a special event, we've created something especially for you.

. . . and play

We design beautiful toys for little people. You can make friends with mermaids, pirates, and unicorns. You can discover a world at the end of a rainbow. You can turn a room into a wild jungle or a fairytale wonderland.

. . . and play more

Adults have to play too! Enjoying a romantic Valentine's Day dinner together, decorating the Christmas tree for the first or fiftieth time, quietly celebrating a deep friendship - we will help you awaken lasting memories.

. . . and the magic of the home.

Playing starts at home. Light flickering candles, hang pictures on the wall, decorate your baby's room. We can turn your dreams into your rooms!

How we do this:

"I've always loved bringing an idea to life. Imagination is freedom," Meredithe Stuart-Smith, our Founder and President.

We have been using our imagination for over 30 years, from Meredithe, who designed our first handmade cards on her kitchen table, to today's atelier of designers, draftsmen and artisans who conjure up party items, decorations, children's toys and stationery. Everything we produce goes through a development full of imagination, from the spark of a new idea to the careful selection of the finish to make a product perfect.