Inspired by their enthusiasm for childhood and imagination - of all ages, Dorthe and her husband, Erik, founded Maileg in 1999. The name is made up of your last name "Mailil" and the Danish word for play "leg".

In a chaotic world where you are constantly confronted with problems ... Maileg is a world where mice sleep in matchboxes and princesses have coffee parties. It is a world where cats and mice are friends and adventures take place on a beautiful walk in the woods. Our world has room for childhood fantasies and play - this is a world we cherish.

Maileg is a brand with charming and Danish designer toys, created to let the imagination of their children run wild. The products awaken a fairytale mood and help children discover the simple wonders of the imagination. Maileg is popular for the characters' heartwarming personalities, because in every little detail you can discover the charm and joy of playing.

In this world where there is no time, beautiful accessories and stories are collected and shared with family and friends for generations.